How to maintain your precious health

  • Every morning after going to the toilet and before breakfast  please drink a glass of warm water or hot water. Repeat this during the course of the day. Generally avoid cold and industrially produced drinks. Green tea, ginger tea or herbal tea without sugar is preferable. You will experience a nice surprise.

  • Engagement in regular sports or exercises such as Jogging, swimming, running, walking, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, meditation, makko ho (meridian stretching)

  • Take regular meals. Observe in quantity (pay attention to satiety). Avoid industrially products, such as processed or frozen food. Eat wholegrain, fresh and low-fat food. Restrict fried and grilled food.

  • Go to bed regularly before 23:00 to achieve a sufficient and good night’s sleep. Get up early or at sunrise. This is the best time to practice tai chi, chi gong, yoga or makko ho followed by meditation. You will start a good day full of energy as you will have plenty of oxygen in the blood generated by deep breathing through daily exercise.

  • In the evening before going to bed  regularly treat yourself to a warm foot and hand bath with fresh, chopped ginger or China oil followed by a foot-sole massage. You'll never have cold feet and hands again.

  • Let yourself be pampered occasionally with a head, foot, back or full-body massage. Take time for yourself, at least once a week, for sports, massages, a warm floral or oil bath, sauna, television, reading or listening to music for relaxation.

This is my advice based on personal experiences I have made over many years. I guarantee you good health and balance if you make these simple adjustments. As you radiate positive energy in your environment, you will always be pleasantly surprised in everyday life.

To stay healthy is difficult, but when you are ill, it is even more troublesome.


Try out and take care!